Get Wise About Wisdom Teeth!

Your mouth experiences many changes within your lifetime A major dental milestone that usually occurs between the ages of 17 and 25  is the appearance of your third molars, your last adult teeth to  appear: your wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth can be just as useful as any other tooth. if they grow in correctly, healthy wisdom teeth can help you chew. Unfortunately, that’s usually the expectation, not the rule. Sometimes when your mouth is too crowded for your wisdom teeth to grow in normally, they become impacted. A partially impacted wisdom tooth is when only part of the tooth emerges and is visible. A fully impacted wisdom tooth trapped below the surface of your gums and is not visible. When wisdom teeth erupt and have no room to grow or are impacted they can damage neighboring teeth. Poorly positioned, impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth can make it difficult to floss, making teeth prone to tooth decay and can cause food to get trapped causing bacteria to enter your gums, causing chronic gum infection and bad breath. Not all impacted wisdom teeth are symptomatic. You may not experience any symptoms from impacted wisdom teeth. In fact, you can be free of painful symptoms for many years; however, that does not mean that your gums and teeth in surrounding areas are “infection free”. We help you maintain strong, healthy teeth, including your wisdom teeth. We monitor and evaluate your wisdom teeth, in addition to your overall dental health.   We look for symptoms of impacted or erupted wisdom teeth and, together, we will discuss the right course of treatment in order to maintain your healthy smile. If you are experiencing pain, facial swelling or red, swollen or bleeding gums in the areas behind your last molars BE WISE! call our office for an evaluation of your wisdom teeth.